•  Insolvency Solutions in Luxembourg. 

Availability As A Service

Hi, my name is Laurent Fisch. I work as an insolvency professional in Luxembourg-City. Over the years, I have managed several very large insolvencies as a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee, including - from 2009 to 2019 - the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers in Luxembourg.  I also work as an expert legal advisor in cross border and domestic insolvency matters, as a liquidator of corporations and funds, as a bankruptcy coordinator and as a restructuring officer. I focus on cost-effective, swift and workable solutions. Interested? Read more about my approach and professional offer below and don't hesitate to book a free online chat with me to get started.

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Solutions for Creditors

My solutions for creditors include my expert legal advice on refinancing and restructuring. I assist in drafting standstill agreements and in adapting finance documents, to name just a few. I have successfully concluded and implemented a large number of settlement agreements with or for bankrupt entities. 

I also help my clients define enforcement strategies and put in place creditor committees. Furthermore, I provide communication support to corporations, I assist in the automatization of high-volume claim filing and processing routines, and I follow up on local insolvency proceedings and local practitioners on behalf of my clients. 

Finally, I work as an independent bankruptcy expert and restructuring officer within my clients' existing teams. I also accept monitoring and guidance missions from clients to assist their debtors "getting their act together".

Solutions for insolvent corporates and funds

I assist insolvent and near-insolvent entities in bankruptcy related questions and proceedings. I assist wit court petitions for controlled management (requêtes en gestion contrôlée) and provide high-value strategic insolvency advice. Likewise, I assist management teams implement liability and risk mitigation measures.

Solutions for fellow professionals

I bring my work experience and insolvency expertise to my clients' existing corporate finance and litigation teams, I review and complete client memos on insolvency issues, I assist in high-stake negotiations, I help on the filing of large bankruptcy claims and I help prepare court proceedings for many colleagues in Luxembourg and abroad.  I also get appointed by the court as an independent expert consultant in commercial disputes.